Cast Iron Cookware

Frozen Australian Lamb Shortloin Saddle - T-Bone (4 pcs)

Product Code : AB009

Australian Lamb Shortloin Saddle - T-bone. 

4 pcs/pack

Vacuum packed. 

Weight 470 g (+/- 40 g)



Delivery outside of Bangkok:
Your chilled meat will be frozen for transportation.

Delivery outside of Bangkok:
1) If you have any questions contact the vendor BEFORE you place your order.
2) You will be required to pick up your order at the main bus station.
3) Chilled products may become frozen as we put dry ice in the foam box.
4) You will receive your order within 4 working days.
5) You will get the confirmation email (delivery details) when placed the order.

Weight : 470 g.
Supplier : Accidental Butcher

Delivered by Accidental Butcher

was ฿640 ฿611


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