Organic Shin Chin No.17. Oolong Tea. 50g. (CD001)


390.00 ฿

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Chaidim Organic Shin Chin Oolong No. 17 is a top grade tea.  Features.  How to brew.  How to brew video

The infusion has a light jade color and the taste is mellow and refreshing.

The number 17 stands for the tea plant hybrid called Jade Pearl (“Ruan Zhi”) because of its color, green jade, and its form, like a pearl. 

Cultivated in the spectacular Mae Fa Luang Area, and sunbathing until sunset, these young buds have developed a flowery vegetal aroma, highly prized by the Oolong aficionados.

A perfect No. 17 to fill your mornings with energy. 

Vacuum packed to preserve its freshness.

50 grams.


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