One Cup DRIP Coffee - Japanese Style. 10 drip coffee bags. (CF011)


200.00 ฿

Available for nationwide delivery via PassionBox

Already a sensation in Japan, One Cup DRIP Coffee is now available at CafeCaps.

Each bag is filled with freshly roasted, 100% Arabica Coffee from DOI CHANG mountain in northern Thailand, to create a perfect quality cup of coffee wherever you are!

            One Cup DRIP Coffee makes possible the simple enjoyment of a cup of Premium coffee. It’s a unique Japanese concept which makes one cup of fresh coffee at once, directly into the cup. It takes just only few seconds to set the « DRIP » on the cup. It can be used with any cup shape.

            Each filter contains 10g of fresh roasted of 100% Arabica coffee from Doi Chang in the northern of Thailand.

            CafeCaps « One cup DRIP Coffee » - Premium coffee anywhere, anytime.

            • Contents:10 Drip Coffee Bags
            • Roasting:Medium Dark
            • Intensity:4 / 5
            Recommended cup: Lungo (110 ml)
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