No. 3 Westchester Wheat Whiskey. 750 ml. (BT08).

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Master Distiller Ed Tiedge is a former officer of the Marines and Wall Street bond trader who decided to pursue his passion for unique and excellent spirits. After leaving Corporate America, Ed began his journey into crafting spirits by studying distillation and vinification (wine making) techniques in California and working at a small winery and distillery in Cognac, France. Nowadays, Ed works hands-on every day with his crew to make world class spirits at StilltheOne Distillery, the name of which is inspired by his wife and Chief Tasting Officer Laura, who, after all these years, is Still the One.

Tasting Notes
Slightly sweet, notes of vanilla, honey, chocolate caramel finish. Westchester Wheat Whiskey is made from 100% organic wheat grown in New York State.

750 ml.

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