Kurera Himalayan Pink Salt Plate - 8 x 10 x 1.5". 4kg. (KR006)

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1,050.00 ฿

Perfect for cooking, curing, chilling or displaying your favourite foods.

Our larger Himalayan Pink Salt plates are excellent for cooking, chilling or displaying your favourite foods. It enhances the flavours of your foods by imparting moderate saltiness and plenty of trace minerals. We’ve cooked shrimp, fish, steak, vegetables, and many other vegetarian foods on our Himalayan Pink Salt plates and everyone loves it!

We recommend cooking it on a gas-stove top and slowly heating it. Go 15 minutes on low heat, 15 minutes on medium heat, then 15 minutes on high heat. Once you’re done cooking your food, let it cool down to room temperature. Clean the plate using a moist sponge, remove the leftovers and wipe the plate clean with a dry towel. Avoid using soap.

We do not recommend you heat the plate in an oven.

For more information on how to use and care for salt blocks, click here.


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