Kai Homemade Tomato Sauce. 280g. (KAI005)

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Kai / Snapper

185.00 ฿

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Not just any Tomato Sauce!  

There’s a story behind this ‘secret’ sauce ……….my best friend from childhood's mum (her name is Hilda) made the best tomato sauce I ever tasted.  For years afterwards I dreamt about this sauce until nearly 30 years later the recipe was given to me in a handwritten letter! I had got it!! 

Dear fellow foodies I am pleased to present you with my absolute favourite homemade tomato sauce – proudly bottled under our Kai restaurant brand …. Please enjoy!!

Craig, founder and co-owner of Snapper NZ & Kai NZ restaurants

Store at room temp and keep chilled when opened.

Suitable for vegetarians.

280 grams.

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