Japanese Olive Wagyu A5 Striploin. WHOLESALE PRICES! (JW006).

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7,300.00 ฿

Available for nationwide delivery via PassionBox


35% cheaper than leading supermarkets.  
Just 7,300 baht per kg. A5 striploin.  

Min order 1kg (final price depends on weight).

Olive Wagyu (otherwise know as Sanuki Wagyu) is now available exclusively at PassionDelivery.

Olives have been cultivated in Kagawa - formerly known as Sanuki - since early last century and it wasn't long before farmers discovered how olive feeding greatly improved the beef's texture and taste. Purebred cows are fed with the remains of pressed olives for two full months, resulting in lean yet supple and moist meat with olive oil in the marbling.

Frozen. Vacuum packed.  How to cook video 1, video 2

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