De Royal Seafood Hamper. (TMS019)

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Thammachart Seafood

6,370.00 ฿

The most indulgent and most impressive platter.

1 x Whole Alaskan King Crab (1.5kg approx)
2 x Frozen Alaskan King Crab Legs (250g per pc)
5 x Fine de Claire oysters from France
1 x Cooked Maine lobster (450g)
6 x Cooked shrimp
8 x New Zealand mussels 
1 x Seafood dipping sauce (130ml)
1 x Black Lumpfish Roe (100g)
1 x Red Lumpfish Roe (100g)
1 x Trout Roe (80g)
1 x Salmon Roe (80g)
1 x Elegant wicker basket

This hamper is a truly memorable one.

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