VIVIN Dried Duck Magret - Thyme. 100g. (VV006)


380.00 ฿

Available for nationwide delivery via PassionBox

Also called Duck ham or Duck prosciutto. VIVIN Magret is made from local duck breast which is cured, seasoned with local Fleur de Sel salt then air dried for 5 weeks. 

The Magret is then sliced and vacuum packed ready to serve and can last for up to 10 weeks.

Enjoy as a cold cut platter with a glass of wine or beer or enjoy tossed in a fresh salad, pasta or on top of a pizza (instead of Parma ham). No need to cook Magret as it's ready to eat and perfect for entertaining people with fine food

Re-sealable outer packets allows the Magret to stay tastier and fresher for longer after opening.  Halal.

Ingredients: Duck breast, salt, thyme.

Keep refrigerated.

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