Conscious Living 100% Natural Body Wash. 350ml. (CL03)

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Conscious Living

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Say NO to chemicals and YES to 100% natural.

Conscious Living brings you 100% chemical free pro-biotic, environmentally friendly products. Our products are made with 100% natural sustainable plants and fruits.

Our products help support jobs for local villagers in the north of Thailand. Click here to find out more.

Conscious Living products are based on probiotic principles rather than the concept of anti-bacterial agents. Beneficial microflora combine with antioxidant fruit enzymes and naturally occurring saponin from soap nuts to form a synergistic “brew” which helps maintain natural PH balance of skin, enhances the protective layer on the surface of the skin, making it resistant and more impenetrable to harmful pathogens as well as killing odors caused by bad bacteria.

Conscious Living body wash will leave your skin clean and smooth. It has a concentrated formula meaning you only need to use a small amount. No fragrances added.

Ingredients: Soapnut*, lime, kaffir lime, amala fruit*, pineapple, elephant apple*, laurel leaf*, cinnamon, artesian spring water and effective microorganisms

*Wild crafted


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