Australian Lamb Rack Frenched Cap Off. 800g approx. (JW021).

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995.00 ฿

Available for nationwide delivery via PassionBox

Price per kg 1,325 baht.

Weight per pack 800g approx. Final price depends on weight.

These premium Australian Victoria lamb racks are ready for roasting whole or cut into cutlets.

They have been Frenched, i.e rib meat removed in between each rib of the full 9 bone rack. The top fat coverage has been removed, which refers to the Cap offering a leaner dish.

This is an amazingly succulent and sweet tender cut, renowned for its rich flavour and presentable appearance when served. 

Learn how to cook lamb racks Gordon Ramsay style! Click here.

Available exclusively at PassionDelivery.

Frozen. Vacuum packed.

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