Black Label 55-Day Dry-Aged Ribeye.

Product Code : PCB002

Our dry aged beef is an absolute must try for any beef lover.

If you’re a meat eater, there are few meals as phenomenal as a juicy steak. That is, until you’ve had well-juicy dry-aged steak.

Company B now offers 55-day dry-aged beef that is full of flavour. The dry ageing process makes the flavour of the meat more intense and concentrated while still maintaining its juiciness.

With our dry-aged steaks, you are relying on quality – save on the expensive spices. A good steak does not need more than salt and heat to develop its full flavour.

Weight per piece 290 - 320g

Frozen.  Individually vacuum packed.


Weight : 300 g.
Supplier : Company B

Delivered by Company B



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