What makes JTmaxwell For More Hair Shampoo and Hair Food so effective?

  • Developed over more than 3 years by Dr. Jennie Choi who herself suffered from hair loss problems in her early 30’s.
  • Combines the benefits of the best anti hair loss products from around the world into one ground breaking formula.
  • Includes essential ingredients that naturally slow down or stop hair loss, and promote hair growth (such as Ginseng and Artemia Plankton Extract).


How does it work?
JT Maxwell For More Hair shampoo and Hair Food work by strengthening hair roots with essential nutrients. 

Our ground breaking formula (developed over a period of 3 years) contains a unique combination of nutrients which ensures that damaged and weak hair is gradually replaced by strong healthy hair. 


How long will it take before I notice any changes?
If JT Maxwell For More Hair shampoo is used every day you can expect:

  • 7 days - Your hair should start to feel less oily, have more volume and feel more bouncy
  • 14 days - You should notice less hair fall
  • 30 to 60 days - You should notice small hairs appearing in affected areas
  • 60 days onwards - These small hairs will start to grow thicker and stronger 


Why does it take so long to see any results?
Repairing hair roots takes time to achieve even with an optimal combination of nutrients. Without a strong healthy base it is not possible for strong healthy hair to grow.

We suggest that you use JTmaxwell For More Hair products for at least 4 months before deciding if they work for you.


The results look impressive, is it guaranteed to work on me?
No hair loss or hair growth solution can be 100% guaranteed to be effective on everyone. Everyone is different and this treatment may be more effective on one person than another. 

What JT Maxwell For More Hair shampoo and Hair Food does is give your hair roots the best possible chance to become strong, which in turn will produce stronger, healthier hair.

Our own in-house controlled tests, carried out over a period of 6 months gave the following results:

JTmaxwell No.14 haircare products were tested on:

  • 36 male and female participants with hair loss problems
  • 12 male and female participants with hypersensitive skin
  • 12 male and females participants with healthy hair. 

The results were extremely positive. 100% of participations confirmed they had:

  • Less hair fall
  • Less oily hair
  • Thicker hair even for those who already had healthy hair. 

 In addition NONE of them suffered any kind of skin irritation or allergy. 

If you are on medication such as:

  • To treat thyroid symptoms
  • PMS symptoms
  • Any symptoms that involve hormone balancing levels or vitamin & nutrients levels

...or if you are pregnant it may take longer for you to see hair improvements. In such case, we recommend you use the products for at least 6 months before deciding if it works for you.


How long does one bottle of JTmaxwell For More Hair Shampoo / one tube of 
JTmaxwell For More Hair - Hair Food last?
Each bottle / tube is enough for 30 uses. There is no need to use much as the formula is concentrated. If you use the products everyday they should last approximately one month.


Is JTmaxwell For More Hair - Hair Food the same as hair conditioner? 
JTmaxwell For More Hair - Hair Food should be used after shampooing and can replace your normal conditioner.

However, it contains many more active ingredients (compared to standard conditioners) which nourish your hair roots and scalp. 

JTmaxwell For More Hair - Hair Food should be massaged into your hair roots and scalp as these areas require nutrients the most.  There is no need to massage the Hair Food into the rest of your hair. Wait for around 5 mins then rinse out.


Can I use JTmaxwell For More Hair products with other hair care products?
For shampooing and conditioning / hair treatment, we recommend that you use JTmaxwell products only so that there is no interference with the JTmaxwell formula and nutrient levels delivered to the hair roots.

However, after use it is fine to use other hair care products such as styling gels, mousse etc.


Do I need to use the products everyday?
For best results use JT Maxwell For More Hair shampoo and Hair Food everyday for at least the first 14 days. It is important to try and keep your hair and scalp healthy and clean.

After these 14 days you could reduce usage to once every two days. However, we recommend that you use them everyday so that these essential nutrients are delivered to your hair roots daily.


Once I start using JT Maxwell For More Hair products, do I need to keep using them?
JTmaxwell No.14 haircare products are designed for everyday use to replace your existing shampoo and conditioner. Once your hair loss problems have improved, you should still continue using the products to maintain healthy hair roots and to avoid hair loss problems in the future.


Are there any side effects?
Based on our focus groups studies and feedback from hundreds of customers, none of our customers (including those with hypersensitive skin) had any kind of irritation or allergy. Please note that these products will not help people who suffer from scalp inflammation problems.


Do I have to use For More Hair Shampoo and For More Hair - Hair Food together?
For better and faster results we recommend that you use them together. However, if you have oily hair then start with For More Hair Shampoo first. After a while when you feel your hair is less oily, you can also start to use For More Hair - Hair Food.


What certification does For More Hair Shampoo and For More Hair - Hair Food have?
Both products are Thai FDA approved with the following numbers:
JTmaxwell For More Hair Shampoo. Thai FDA number 10-1-5730611
JTmaxwell For More Hair - Hair Food. Thai FDA number 10-1-5743889

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