Hilltribe Organcs helps Hilltribe communities and families in Thailand by supporting their production of 100% natural organic eggs.

We share our expert knowledge on how to rear and care for free range chickens who in turn produce eggs which are full of the highest nutritional benefits.  

We buy the eggs back at a guaranteed price from our egg farmers. This has enabled these families to at least double their monthly incomes and greatly improve their standard of living and financial security.

Consumers benefit as our eggs are from pasture based 100% organic fed free range and happy chickens. They provide many healthy nutritional benefits.  

Our Organic Eggs Are......Hormone Free. Pesticide Free. Antibiotics Free. Chemical & Synthetic Additive Free. 

Happy hens, raised by caring hands, lay our Beyond Organic eggs while living free, as chickens naturally should. So they are better, naturally.

Here are some photos of our happy hens and the hill tribes these chicken farms help support.




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