About Nespresso*® compatible capsules


Q : Are Nespresso*® compatible capsules compatible with all the Nespresso*® machines ?

A: Yes, we guarantee 100% compatibility with all the Nespresso*® machines and the Nespresso*® compatible machines. 


Q: Will the capsules I buy from you will damage my Nespresso machine?

A: No, our capsules were specifically designed for Nespresso machines and so will not damage your coffee machine.


Q: Will I notice any difference in how the capsule works?

A: You should not notice any difference in how the capsules work. Just use it as you would with a Nespresso capsule.


Q :Where does your coffee come from?

A: Most of our coffee is grown in Thailand. Only the Decaf coffee is imported. We will always let you know the origin of our coffee in the product description. All of our coffee is ground and inserted into our capsules in Thailand.  This ensures the coffee is as fresh as possible for your enjoyment.


Q: Do you have decaffeinated coffee?

A: Yes, we offer our 100% Pure Arabica Decaf blend, medium roast.

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