Sloane’s is a small business making handmade products from the best, most ethical local ingredients available. Sloane’s uses a mixture of free-range, herb fed pork as well as pork from small ethical farms that breed happy pigs in the best condition. 

Our products are made using traditional artisan methods with professional butchering knowledge and modern food hygiene standards. All of our quality driven products are made by hand with care. 

Sloane’s uses only natural sausage casings and our own recipes to avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals, no artificial flavorings or colourings are used. 

About Joe Sloane


Joe was born in the UK and studied catering at his local culinary school before following his love of travel to work across three continents.  Joe first learnt the basics of butchery and charcuterie whilst training under a three Michelin starred Maitre Cuisinier de France.

With a background in traditional French cuisine, Joe went on to spend over a decade in Michelin starred restaurants and 5 star hotels before following his passion of butchery and charcuterie and setting up Sloane’s.

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