Kaiousei Enterprise is a company that imports quality seafood products and is the sole exclusive distributor of its premium Lake Toba fish. Their fish is a unique species - a mixed breed between Tilapia and Snapper that are naturally raised in the volcanic crater lake of Lake Toba Sumatra, Indonesia. Lake Toba water is enriched in minerals and spans as far as 100km in length and 30km in width with a depth of approximately 500 metres.

The way Kaiousei rears their fish is completely 100 percent natural. They let the fish swim in the pristine environment of Lake Toba against the current without any use of growth hormones or antibiotics whatsoever. The fish are fed only high quality cereals and grains - a vegetarian diet - and swims in floating cages so they do not feed on any unknown waste. Therefore, Kaiousei's white fish meat has a very juicy and a somewhat sweet, clean taste and is sashimi grade.

With their state of the art processing facility, they undergo the whole live to frozen process of filleting their fish in less than 40 minutes which is the optimum time to retain the product’s freshness and its nutritional value. Combined, this is an investment they make to acquire global certifications and international standards to ensure that when their Lake Toba white fish meat is served to you on a plate, it is guaranteed of its freshness and nutritious value.

When selecting your white fish meat today, remember that “Not all fish are born equal.”
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